The Musicians:
Asteriska (Vokal, Backing vocals, Tambourine and floor drum in Mr.Blue. Kazoo and Ukulele in Story on an Island. Glockenspiel in Sad November)

Zul Fikri (Acoustic Guitar in Mr. Blue, Sad November, and Secret Getaway)

Bramestyo Haryputra (Acoustic Guitar in Distance, Secret Getaway, and Que Je T’aime. Electric Guitar in Secret Getaway, Trumpet in Secret Getaway)

Puti Chitara (Piano in Farewell To Youth)

Reginald Egex (Bass in Secret Getaway)

Dzul Fikri Malawi (Percussion in Secret Getaway)

Produced by Asteriska and Dillan Cohen

Mixed & Mastered by Barlian Yoga

Recorded at Dwinanda Aldyan Studio Except for “Secret Getaway” and “Farewell to You(th)” recorded at Studio 78 Cinere.

Cover designed by Syahed Hidayah (

Photographed by Rio Alhasymi, Assisted by Pandu

Cover Make-up Artist by Anggita Ganoto

Booklet layout by Bentar Fitro (

All songs composed and lyrics originally written by Asteriska

Lyrics changed and revised by Dillan Cohen

Except for “Farewell to You(th)” composed by Asteriska and Dillan Cohen

Lyric written by Dillan Cohen